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Our team has played thousands of shows and can cater to the needs of your event. We can also provide drums, dj service/lighting, and grand pianos! If you want a real sample of our show, we will let you know where you can see us or, if you’d like, we can stream a live show to you!

Dueling pianos players

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Todd Cutshaw

Todd has been performing dueling piano show since the late 90’s. With a catalog of thousands of songs and hundreds of shows you won’t find a more complete and hilarious show. Many dueling piano players around the country have learned from his shows and teachings.

Andy Paczak

Andy brings huge energy to the show. A veteran dueling piano show player , he often surprises the audience by busting out the trumpet on some Johnny Cash, Journey, Styx, or really any song. Andy also played int the U.S. Marine band! From the hat you cant tell he’s a Buckeyes fan.

Karl Bailey

One night Karl stumbled into (and out of) the Sing Sing in Irvine, CA. and he knew instantly that he’d found his new niche. After playing in California for 3 years Karl moved, in 2002, to open the Pittsburgh store where he was entertainment manager at Sing Sing for 19 years!

Clay Colley

Clay Colley holds a bachelor’s degree in piano performance and a master’s degree in jazz studies from the Dana School of Music.

From his beginnings in a small church band in Florida at the age of twelve, he has since spent most of his career playing with numerous rock and jazz groups, including JD Eicher, the Vindys, the Labra Brothers, Hoss & the Juggernauts, and his own project, Black Wolf & the Thief.

Paul Hoefler

Paul is a comedian with a piano. Residing in New York, he has traveled the country as a dueler. He and Todd frequently perform dueling piano shows together in New York and Pennsylvania.

Danny McElroy

One of Pittsburgh’s finest, Danny is a “tune meister” and great musician. He still travels the country doing shows. Another former Sing Sing  piano bar dueler and now a Piano Maniac!

Michael McMahon

Armed with quite possibly the strongest voice on the “dueling pianos” circuit, combined with the gift of gab that only an Irishman could be blessed with, Michael has been lighting up venues from Boston to Broken Bow with his unique style of music and humor. His standout interactive performances, featuring dazzling displays of piano pyrotechnics and unmatched vocal virtuosity, have set audiences throughout the country on fire!

Matty Monk

Nashville recording artist now residing in Columbus, Ohio, Matty has worked many dueling pianos bars including the Big Bang. His repertoire includes country, rap, and everything in between!

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